Nea Armonia is a non-profit NGO dedicated to restoring harmony to the interconnected natural and social world we all share. We are a growing team motivated to support communities, businesses and organizations to discover and implement creative solutions in order to achieve true sustainable development for a healthier, harmonized future. Nea Armonia encourages international cooperation and welcomes collaborations dedicated to furthering the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The organization is headquartered in Rome, Italy , where it has been initially registered. In each country where we have regional focal points (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Somalia, Nigeria, Italy, Argentina), Nea Armonia aims to promote its guiding principle of “harmony," to help tackle the various conflicts and issues that we too often witness. The promotion of sustainable human development relates to the inner and outer harmony of the person as an essential component of quality of life and the well-being of communities.

In collaboration with other partners, Nea Armonia will hold conferences, meetings and seminars to illustrate the concept of harmony with nature, with the holistic analysis of the relationships between environment, health and lifestyle. In addition, the organization strives to become a place where important information on sustainable innovation and ‘disharmony’ in communities and ecosystems can be shared and explored. Our Nea News blog serves to share information, news and knowledge related to global sustainable development. To this end, the organization seeks to map new, positive developments and address the most critical and complex issues (environmental, economic, and social) that hamper sustainable human development.  


Nea Armonia has started to work with institutions, organizations and private companies on topics related to environment, health and quality of life. In this way, Nea Armonia shapes interventions and programs with local participation and full consideration, tailoring to the needs and prioritizes of the respective region or community.  

About our name and values 

Armonia or harmony (in Greek αρμονία) is a broad concept. The etymology tells that this word was initially used to signify a combination of tones pleasing to the ear. Already in the 12th century, it was used to name of a musical instrument, then a few centuries later it progressively extended its meaning to a concord of sounds, a sense of agreement of feelings. Ancient Greece, the cradle of democracy,  passed down a word that has remained unchanged in many Western European languages (harmony, harmonie, armonia, Harmonie) and other Eastern European pnes (armonie, гармония, хармонија). Same roots exist in Hebrew (הרמוניה) and Turkish (armoni).


The concept of harmony is commonly understood, and it has retained the same meaning of achieving something pleasant to the ears, eyes, and touch. Our planet depends on a fragile balance that allows life to flourish, and there is a  unity and connection inherent in all sentient beings. This balance is precious because it is the essence of our existence, the breath of our life, the nutriment of our daily activities. A harmonious place, a community in harmony, however big or small, provides a safe space, a sustainable economy, and a beautiful environment for life to thrive. Natural and human environments must be preserved through a means of modernization that does not destroy and exploit, but instead intends to guarantee diversity and equitable development for all. These are the core values of Nea Armonia, a place where everyone is free to contribute to the benefit of our planet: we have not inherited the earth from our ancestors - we have borrowed it from our children.