Activities and Program Priorities

Nea Armonia supports programs that further the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals. We strive to implement unique development solutions that balance the three tiers of true sustainable development: social, economic and environmental well-being. We are active in international development cooperation and we always welcome like-minded individuals, organizations or associations to join and expand our collaborations.  

Schools for Sustainability Project Collaboration
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In collaboration with our incredible partners from Cooperative Agenda 2030 and Hope Iwacu we have submitted a grant proposal to establish youth school clubs and sustainability labs among the Gasabo district schools in Rwanda. The goal is to establish long lasting youth engagement programs that continue on and promote hands on learning of issues related to health, girls' empowerment, sustainability and environment. Another goal is to create or enhance existing school gardens, using sustainable agriculture techniques to produce nutritious foods for student health. 

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Gender Equality in Rwanda: Supporting the rights and empowerment of women and girls

We are currently expanding to the Rwanda region and developing additional collaborations with Hope Iwacu Initiative focused on protecting the rights of  women and girls, including victims of human trafficking. Nea Armonia encourages opportunities to empower women and girls in Rwanda, and particularly we seek to: protect the rights of  women and young/single mothers; protect and support victims of trafficking; promote sexual education and health; encourage family planning to reduce unplanned pregnancy; and increase education and advancement opportunities for girls and women.