Meet Our Team

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President and Founder 

Pierluigi Manzione 

A friendly and easygoing man, Pierluigi has gained a strong passion for environmental and social  issues. He has worked in the field of international policies on sustainable development for nearly ten years,  gaining expertise in many areas. The idea of setting up an association for development cooperation was born during a dinner with friends in Nairobi in 2016. The dream is now a reality. 


Program Manager and Co-Founder

Annaleah Westerhaug

With a background in sociology, European studies and a master's degree in cultures and development studies, Annaleah has gained knowledge and passion for solving the many issues that people and the planet face today.  Together with Pierluigi, they strive to grow Nea Armonia into a global model for successful, sustainable human development programs. Annaleah is creative and driven to initiate projects and partnerships that holistically address development issues and further Nea Armonia's vision of global health and harmony. 


Uganda Regional Representative 
Rita Najjingo

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, Rita has experience across a range of skills. Rita holds a diploma in public administration and human resource management, a diploma in journalism and a bachelor's degree in guidance and counselling with specialization in community psychology. She has experience as a public relations officer and currently works as an administrator, human resource and finance manager at Zia Angelina Health Center, Namugongo, in addition to her role as Nea Armonia's representative for the Uganda region. Her private company, Magifast Enterprises, deals in office stationery and equipment supply. Rita is based in the Kampala region. 



Rwanda Regional Representative 

Theogene Habiyambere  

With a strong background in public health, general nursing and medicine, Theogene has over 18 years of experience working in the healthcare sector and on reproductive health issues. He is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable addition to our team, bringing with him a passion for human rights, gender equality, and human health. Previously, Theogene occupied the position of a reproductive health program coordinator and he currently serves as the community health officer for a partner non-profit Hope Iwacu Initiative. He has united our two organizations, and together we will pursue our common vision of a safer, healthier future with equal rights and dignity for all. Theogene is based in Kigali, Rwanda. 


Kenya Regional Representative 

Eric Guantai  

An expert on E-waste management, Eric has a passion for sustainability and great experience in reducing environmental pollution and fostering healthier communities in Kenya. Eric is the founder of his own business Recykla International, an end of life electronics waste management company developing sustainable solutions for disposing harmful waste.  Additionally, he is an active member of an E-waste forum, consults on issues related to E-waste, and has successfully implemented industrial symbiosis programs. Eric works and lives in Nairobi.