"Immunization is a cornerstone of sustainable development"- A moral imperative makes economic sense

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

The UN World Health Organization (WHO) recently launched its “Business Case for WHO Immunisation Activities on the African Continent 2018-2030” in Geneva which plans to support African countries in achieving universal vaccination coverage.

Around 30 million children fall sick in Africa due to vaccine-preventable diseases that can lead to death. According to WHO, even curbing the four major preventable diseases,"measles, rubella, rotavirus and pneumococcal diseases – could save more than 1.9 million lives and generate $58 billion in economic benefits."

WHO makes an economic and moral case for providing universal access to immunizations to all children in Africa without discrimination. However, they state lack of funding and an expected decrease in current funding as the main obstacle in achieving their goal.

Development organizations, international institutions, governments and private corporations, specifically pharmaceutical companies, must collaborate together in order to effectively improve healthcare coverage for the people of Africa - saving lives, improving the future and boosting the economy.

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