Interview with Eric Guantai: E-Waste Management Expert and Nea Armonia member

Eric Gauntai speaks as a participant at the E-Waste Academy for Managers about the complexity of safely disposing and recycling electronic wastes in developing countries.

He highlights the need for the internal components/policies of procurement and disposal to be changed by bureaucratic means. He also mentions the importance of mainstreaming coding of different types of e-wastes to manage them effectively.

Eric is an expert on this topic and founded his own company called Recykla International, specialized in e-waste management, including the disposal, collection, distribution, local and international recycling of electronic wastes. See website below:

Eric is also an active member of Nea Armonia and serves as the contact point for Kenya. We are looking to build collaborations among companies such as his with sustainable visions to improve safe disposal and reuse of harmful wastes for a healthier environment. Contact Eric to learn more about his knowledge and methods: Keep up the amazing work Eric!

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