World Bank predicts 143 million people could be displaced by 2050 due to climate change

“Every day, climate change becomes a more urgent economic, social, and existential threat to countries and their people. We see this in cities facing unprecedented water crises, in coastal areas experiencing destructive storm surges, and in once vibrant agricultural areas no longer able to sustain essential food crops,” said World Bank chief executive Kristalina Georgieva. - The East African

The increase in displaced people and refugees due to human conflict is already a very large and growing problem over the past years, and a restructuring of government policies and opportunities for asylum seekers of all kinds is called for to humanely take care of our fellow neighbors in times of need. Climate refugees constitute a particular problem that requires action in many forms:

- Preventative measures and technology to reduce climate change in the future,

- A solution for infrastructure and government plans/policies to be developed for those people already displaced and for those who will come later,

- And actions to reduce or solve the current environmental problems driving people away from their homes and livelihoods in the first place.

In particular, the region of East Africa is likely to face an extreme influx of climate refugees. With knowledge of this prediction, proper planning and investment in infrastructure and opportunities for a mass influx of migrants are necessary to avoid sever social, economic and environmental problems. Let us encourage investments in human development, expanding and improving quality of refugee camps, and creating job opportunities for the migrants and refugees that are surely coming. Population growth of this kind can be turned into a positive opportunity to develop innovative ideas, build new, holistic programs and find creative solutions to increasing global problems related to climate change and displacement.

Original news sources: The East African and Time, links below:

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